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As the world changes around us, so does the market. Terrorism is widely considered anything politically, religiously or ideologically motivated.  Whether that is religious extremism, political attacks to influence government policy or to generally inflict a state of fear among the public; all of these can be considered acts of Terrorism under the language of our policies. The design of which, is to enhance the applicability of cover and to speed up claim payments.


Many Government funded pools are not as broad as a standalone solution and also not as flexible. We are seeing much more interest in multi-year terms to satisfy lender requirements and avoid
unexpected sunset clauses, such as in the United States where TRIPRA, the government funded Insurer backstop, is set to expire on 31st December, 2020.

Our insurers can offer Primary occurrence limits excess of competitive deductibles as low as USD 10,000. Rating is per industry and per blast zone aggregate set by Lloyd’s. The radius of each blast zone is any Insured location within 500m. The availability of capacity for risk is determined upon
available blast zone aggregate at the time of binding.

We have experience in placing:


  • Real estate portfolios in distressed aggregate zones such as Manhattan, Chicago and San Francisco  Entertainment and Hospitality venues

  • Heavy Industry

  • Public Sector and municipality

  • Trucking Fleet including Auto rental

  • Energy and pipeline

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Information requirements:

  • Schedule of Insured Values

  • Property All Risks submission


Main Policy Exclusions:


  • Political Violence

  • Nuclear, Chemical, Biological
    and Radiological (CL380)

  • Cyber (CL370)


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