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When a business re-opens following a Terrorism or Active Assailant incident, there could be a continued loss of revenue attributable to the decline in foot traffic in the affected area.


Significant impacts on the Tourism industry can be evidenced in those places that have suffered from high profile Terrorism attacks or Active Assailant incidents. The extended business interruption associated to the area where the attack took place is now insurable via a CRISISINSURED solution.

These policies help protect against the non-damage element of business interruption whereby a business premises does not have to be the target for the policy to respond. It also extends business interruption resulting from property damage beyond the traditional period of restoration.

Indemnity periods available up to 12 months post event.
Limits up to USD 100m are available which can be excess of annual or months’ deductibles and/or franchise triggers.


Underwriting requirements:


  • 3 years of prior accounts

  • Application form to be completed


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