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Epidemic / Pandemic outbreaks pose not only a catastrophic threat to human life but also to the global economy as evidenced by the impact of COVID-19. Despite  fiscal support packages designed to safeguard companies and their employees, bankruptcies related to this outbreak are surging demonstrating just how exposed businesses are to pandemics.


CRISISINSURED provides Epidemic / Pandemic Risk Solutions products in partnership with AM Best “A” rated carriers covering specific risks associated with Epidemics / Pandemics.  This includes business interruption, temporary site closure, event cancellation and prevention services. Coverage can be on an indemnity or a parametric basis. Alongside the provision of insurance, customers are provided with access to external epidemic expertise including support in containing outbreaks, or in preparing for future epidemics with the help of virologists and epidemiologists.

The Epidemic / Pandemic risk solutions product provides non-damage business interruption coverage for occurrence of an Epidemic/ Pandemic outbreak within a defined area.

Coverage can either be; Indemnity based pay-out or Parametric pay-out. Primary policy limit can be structured to client needs as well as dedicated sublimit for crisis management costs.



  • CRISISINSURED can offer risk solutions in the following sectors:

    • Retail

    • Manufacturing & Distribution

    • Hospitality (Restaurants & Hotels)

  • Minimum premium of $30,000.

Epidemic outbreaks are becoming more frequent and severe as a result of environmental shifts, including climate change, deforestation, urbanisation and global mobility. The human and economic cost of such outbreaks can be devastating.

Between 2011 and 2018, WHO tracked 1483 epidemic events in 172 countries. On average 200 epidemic outbreaks are registered per annum.

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